Digital Retailing

Flexible retailing experiences that drive business. 

Drive more qualified, higher converting sales leads by connecting with consumers as they begin the car buying process. With Cox Automotive Digital Retailing, deals can start right from your Digital Storefront, as you give consumers the flexibility to choose their preferred path-to-purchase, to self-educate, and initiate the car buying process—all while building trust and transparency from the outset. 

Dealers and consumers
are digitally focused

Recent events have forced consumers to do more online, and dealerships have been challenged to think about new ways of doing business. 50% more car shoppers submitted deals online in  November  2020 than in January 2020. In fact, 2 out of 3 shoppers want to do more online than they ever have. With both dealerships and consumers more aligned than ever before, a customer-first approach to retailing lays the groundwork for more leads and higher profits. 

A next-generation experience

While the flexibility and conveniences of digital retailing are clear, smart design guides the overall experience and saves time for both the consumer and the dealer. Our new guided consumer workflow lets the shopper drive—and builds confidence throughout the experience, delivering more control over the entire process. 

Experience equals performance

Trusted by more than 5,000 franchise and independent dealers, and endorsed by more than 30 manufacturers, Cox Automotive Digital Retailing leads drive 30% higher gross profits. To fuel those profits, you need an intuitive, seamless experience that caters to all kinds of shoppers. The new workflow does just that, boosting lead conversion rates by 26% among dealers testing the new guided user experience, resulting in an 88% increase in leads submitted per dealer.* 

* Conversion Rate, Lead Performance, and Lead Quality were studied across 120 participating dealerships during four 90-day Beta Testing Periods beginning May 4, 2020 and ending October 8, 2020. Performance differences were averaged and compared to all Digital Retailing subscribers using the legacy experience during the same time period. 

A guide to using your Digital Storefront metrics to measure performance.

Getting Started with Features Shoppers Will Love

Start driving more qualified leads and sales that produce higher margins by building a transparent relationship with your customers at the start of their car buying process.

Adjust taxes and fees based on zip code, and Include incentives along with personalized selections for conditional programs (e.g. military and loyalty cash).  

Reduce friction of in-store trade-in value negotiations through Kelley Blue Book, the industry’s most trusted resource. 

Capture customer data and submit directly to preferred lenders. Customers can choose to complete a full credit application or short form inquiry to pre-qualify based on a dealership’s financing criteria.   

Showcase F&I products online and give consumers the ability to factor them into their monthly payments.  

Assist shoppers through deals and boost your virtual car sales from anywhere with live Video Chat and Cobrowsing capabilities. Shoppers can chat or share their screens as you guide them through the deal creation process. 

Shoppers can reserve a vehicle without a deposit and schedule a test drive or an appointment for final close and pickup. 

Seamless, Streamlined Deal Flow

Say goodbye to manual data entry and duplicate leads—Cox Automotive Digital Retailing and VinSolutions Connect CRM & Connect Desking together eliminate repetitive tasks and smooth the way for faster deal-making. No matter how many times the shopper updates their deal, see all their activity in a single customer record in your CRM. Now you can allow your staff to pick up the online deal without missing a beatOr simply text or email a personalized deal directly from Connect CRM. 

Specialized Support for
Optimal Results

Our Performance Managers will review your digital retailing experience with your team. Then, we’ll work with you on deal-making strategies that help drive more sales including: 

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